Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Like a Sprained Ankle Boy I Ain't Nothin to Play With

Last P day we were playing that one game where you throw the ball in the peach basket, I think the kids these days call it "basketball". Elder Burton rolled his ankle while we were playing but didn't think much of it and kept playing. Later that night, when we started Proselyting, it started to swell up. To make matters worse, that was the day that we were car fasting so we were left there until 9 o clock. Elder Burton was in pain and in need of some ice to keep his ankle from swelling so he threw his arm around my shoulder and we limped the mile or so to the K-Mart down the street to secure an ice pack and Advil. We waited out the rest of the night and tended to his ankle. His ankle has been affecting him this last week and he has been limping around on a crutch. He kind of looks like Tiny Tim haha. His ankle is getting better and he is starting to walk normally.
One of our many breaks that we took as we hobbled on over to k-mart.

Waiting it out at k-mart until our ride could come.

I went on an exchange to Yonkers this last week with Elder Holtom (also from Highland, cool guy, cool friend). Yonkers is always an interesting experience. The name fits it perfectly. We had a zone APF (Area Proselyting Focus) in New Rochelle. For the APF we did a car wash where people could come and get their car washed for free. While they were getting their car washed, we had some missionaries making conversation. Elder Holtom and I were scrub a dub dubbin this car and the young males thanked us and wanted to give us a donation. They gave Elder Holtom a dollar bill with a nice blunt in it. We had to break the news to the hooligans that we don't accept any donations, even "special" donations. Great times, great times.

On Monday, during district meeting, I taught about the importance of baptism. As I prepare for district trainings every Monday, I'm convinced that I get way more out of it than anybody in the district. In studying for it, I was reminded of how amazing baptism is. Baptism is more than just being dunked in water. It is the act of taking upon you the name of Christ. When I first got on my mission, I thought it was so cool how I could walk around The Bronx with Jesus Christ's name on my tag. We would walk on the subway and everybody would stare at our tag, wondering who we were. I'm realizing that I don’t need a tag to have Christ’s name because I was baptized at 8. I already took upon myself the name of Jesus Christ and every action I do should be a reflection of that. After I come home from my mission and I can't wear the tag anymore I will still have Jesus Christ's name scripted not on a tag, by on my character. I don't know... Maybe I make it sound cheesy but I thought it was cool.

Have a good week cholos.

Elder Tyler J Johanson

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