Friday, September 12, 2014

"Hi, I like your chicken fetus"

This last week was a toughie. Just about every appointment that we had fell through which led us to do heaps of tracting. I think we knocked somewhere in the quadrant vicinity sector of one or two million doors..idk...I forget exactly how much.

The good news is, now that school has started back up here, the members of our ward are coming back from their awesome vacations and luxurious beach houses. The ward is coming back to life. Even though I've been here three months I feel as though I hardly know anybody but I'm excited to meet them.

I started taking a multi vitamin! That's cool right? Anyway...

Elder Burton and I were car fasting this last week and while we were out walking around the village streets of Tuckahoe, New York we saw a lady with a dog. You're probably wondering why that matters. Well, dogs are a great conversation starter. I know as much about dogs as I know about what is going on with college football this year. Not much. However, all you have to do is tell people how beautiful their dog is (even if it looks like a chicken fetus) and they will usually open up to you. We went up to this lady and complimented her dog and we were able to talk for a solid hour. She told us how she had met sister missionaries about six months ago and then came down with cancer and lost contact with the sisters before she could really learn anything. We were able to bear testimony of Jesus Christ and The Plan of Salvation to the point that she was tearing up on us. That is what our mission is all about!

Elder Tyler J Johanson

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