Tweets from the Streets Archive

1. The Sisters in my zone are great! I can tell that they are here for the "right reasons." #MTCSwag #TheBachelor
2. I have been living in Provo for over a week now. Am I a Provo All-Star yet?
3. I haven't listened to Clay Aiken in over a week. #HelpMe
4. I have so many pens in my front pocket they should call me Bill Nye. #MissionaryLife
5. If you are from The Bronx there is a 75% chance you're a black woman named Shaquanquisha or something like that. #YeenBoutDatWestSideLife
6. Ketchup sandwiches: 1    Elder Johanson: 0   #TreatsFromTheStreets
7. If I was Joseph Smith you would be my first vision. #MormonPickupLines
8. The water in the Bronx is so bad. I think it's against the word of wisdom.
9. *in the Bronx a belt starts singing to a pair of pants*"How low can you go? Can you go down low? All the way to the floor? How low can you go?" #SaggingInTheBronx
10. How Great Thou Art: Carrie Underwood #SongOfTheWeek
11. *Takes drink of dirty tap water from the Bronx*
*The little elephant from Tarzan randomly chimes in* "Are you sure this is sanitary? It looks questionable to me."
12. There are no hipsters in the Bronx so ever since I left Utah it feels like I can finally breathe.
13. Are we taking bets yet on how many times Elder Uchtdorf mentions airplanes during General Conference?
14. How is "Crush" by David Archuleta not in the Hymn book yet?
15. Oooh ooh oh oh it's Mr. Convert Your Girl- A Mormon Trey Songz

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