Friday, November 13, 2015

I Believe in Miracles

October 7, 2015

Dear people, 

How bout that conference tho? It was on point. Everything that was said. This church has to be true because I don't know how in the world a bunch of old men can keep an audience of millions of people captivated for that long. Think of it. The only way they would be able to pull that off was if it was the true church with the spirit of God involved. 

Something that stuck out to me during conference was when James B. Martino said,"Work without faith is dead." After he said that was one of the times during conference where I felt like a "mic drop" might have been appropriate. We often hear the words,"Faith without works is dead,"which is true. But faith is also necessary to produce miracles. We can work something like nobody's business, but God can't create a miracle out of pure work. He needs some substance to work his magic. The magic happens when faith is involved. For instance when you pray, are you just talking to yourself while on your knees? That's a good work you're putting forth if so. But where's the power behind? When you pray believe that God is listening. Talk to Heavenly Father like he is actually in the room with you. Work without faith is dead.

This week I feel blessed. I feel like I have really been able to be a tool...................... In the hands of the Lord. There was multiple times where Elder Buckley and I walked away from a situation where we were wowed by the "coincidence" that took place. I put coincidence in quotations because there's no such thing as a coincidence. I don't believe in coincidences. I believe in miracles. 

For example, Elder Buckley and I were on a crowded bus heading to go try to find some less actives. All of a sudden the man in front of us started staying something in Spanish. I didn't know what the guy was saying, but I did know that he was Dominican because of his accent. With a chagrinned look on my face, I looked over at Elder Buckley who is a Spanish called missionary for some help. They talked for a while. Turns out the man was a member of the church who had just moved from the Dominican Republic and this was his first day in the Bronx. He didn't know where the church was and how to get in contact with anybody from the church here. Elder Buckley was able to give him the address to the church and the Spanish missionaries' phone number. The Dominican member really liked me even though I couldn't communicate with him because he said that Elder Johanson was the name of the missionary that baptized him in the D.R. That'll be one point for the Johanson clan. Mark it. Mark it good. 

We missed our bus stop because we were giving the info for the church to the Dominican member so we got off at the next stop. As we were walking to where we needed to go, we crossed paths with a member of our Ward. He told us that his teenage daughter had been hit by a truck a couple days ago and was in a lot of pain at home. He said that he was busy at the moment and had to go somewhere, but he asked if we could go by and comfort his family at home. We went over and were able to spend some time talking to his daughter and the rest of his family and brighten their spirits. 

It's NUTS how everything worked out. We got on the very bus of a member who had just moved here and didn't know how to find the church here. We missed our bus stop because we were giving him the info. Right after that we run into a member whose family needed us all because we got off on a bus stop we weren't planning on getting off at. God works in mysterious ways. Coincidence? LOL NO! #Miracle

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Elder Tyler J Johanson

P.S.  Sister Gardner who works in the office snapped this beaut of us at MLC. I don't think I've sent a pic of my companion yet, but he is the creeper in the background. He isn't normally that creepy. I promise. Also my former companion/Lone Peak buddy Elder Moss (bottom right) is trying to be the next karate kid.

Mission Leadership Council - October 2015

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