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Learning Good

February 25, 2015

Hey you!
 Well niños transfers were this week. Elder Moss decided to chuck up the deuce to me and leave me here in New Roc it was pretty depressing actually. Usually office elders only stay 2 transfers but this was Elder Moss’ 3 so I knew he was going out. 

However, despite knowing he was gone I couldn't help but feel sad that the transfer came to an end. I've had a lot of great companions. Some companions have been good for having fun, some have been good for working so hard that I wanna cry, other companions have been placed in my path so that I could learn certain lessons. 

Overall I would say that this last transfer has been the most well rounded for work and fun. We had a blast! Absolute blast but we also got in some really hard work. Elder Moss is without a doubt one of the best companions I've had. Gonna miss that fella. To think that we went to the same high school and never once talked to each other tsk...tsk..tsk.. 
Old family photo with the district
LOLZ we think we are tough hehe
 My new companion, Elder Haycock seems like a balling chap thus far. He is from Mesa, Arizona. (I keep getting cool companions from Arizona. They have almost convinced me to move there.) FUN FACT: Both of our trainees are companions too. On Sunday morning I got out of the shower, walked in the kitchen and Elder Haycock was sitting there with a big pot of mashed potatoes that he had made me for breakfast... For breakfast.... It was a little weird, just because I'm not use to eating mashed potatoes for breakfast and it was so unexpected!  But if that act of kindness shows anything about his character we should have no problems. I'm excited to become friends with him. 

The church is going hard in the paint with online proselyting in the future. President Morgan went to a special conference in Salt Lake last week for instruction on how we can use our iPads and online proselyting more effectively. This next week we are going to be having Elder Evans of the First quorum of the seventy and THE director of the missionary department and Elder Allen of the seventy are coming to talk about "The Work of Salvation in the Digital Age".  They're going to give us some juicy deets on how we can come closer to Christ. It's gonna be the cats pajamas. 

We spent the night on Wednesday with the missionaries that were returning home. In that group of "dying" missionaries I was able to serve with a lot of them and I'm going to miss them. In that group there was 4 of my last zone leaders, 3 roommates and 3 other district members and most of all, my trainer was in that group. 
Last known pic with my trainer, Elder Reynolds
It was a neat experience that I had to spend my trainers final night with him in the mission home reminiscing on the good times that we had. Not in a fruity way (cuz I know New York has converted me to cardigans and scarves) but we hugged each other like... 5 different times that night. They always do a final testimony meeting for the missionaries’ last night. Through the tears of his final testimony Elder Reynolds told me that I was about the best companion he ever had. He said a lot of other really complementary things to me and it just about made me cry. I've learned so much from the 28 yr. old Arizonian. Elder Reynolds is a lovely deseret. I'm excited to see where RM life takes him. 

The next day we picked the new missionaries up from the airport. That morning it was -25 with the windchill. They were all freaking out - haha it was funny. 
Waiting for the new missionaries to arrive
#ColdAsTheDickens #WhoAreTheDickens???
In preparation for the big fat meeting, President Morgan ordered a last minute Mission Leadership Counsel with some cheese on it. Usually it's just the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders but this time he had all of the district leaders and their companions come as well. 

We read 3 paragraphs in the white handbook and talked about them for 3 hours. The thing I pulled away most from the meeting was that you do not have to be in a "leadership position" to be a leader. I was district leader for 6 months and then last transfer I was released. I have never viewed leadership positions as a way to gain advancement but when I found out I was going to be released I was feeling a little down. I didn't know if I had done something wrong or what but that's what I was feeling. Last transfer Elder Moss was a really good district leader and I was able to learn a lot from his leadership style. Sometimes only God knows why things happen but I think I was released so I could learn how to be a leader without a leadership position. 

I have been learning that the best leaders remain humble and teachable. The best leaders don't try to create more followers for the self, the best leaders create more leaders. I have gotten the call to be district leader again but honestly the title doesn't mean anything. People should lead the same as when they have the title as when they don't. I don't know, just some stuff I've been learning recently. (Are you proud of me for learning good mommy?)

Have a good week learning stuff guys. I'm going to try to learn a thing or two too. 
Lolz I just said tutu.

Elder Tyler J Johanson

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