Friday, February 20, 2015

Chick Fil A and Valentine's Day

Sup Gorditos,  hope your Valentine's Day was one for the books. 

Lemme give you the quick rundown. 

Highlights of the week:
- There is a member who has a son that works at Dunkin donuts and on Sunday she gave us the 6 dozen donuts worth of leftovers that he got from the night before. 
We ate them all ;)
 - After Elder Moss and I finished city deliveries we found ourselves at NYU. The only Chick Fil A in the mission is on NYU campus. We may or may not have snuck into the NYU cafeteria and bought ourselves some chiggin. I thought I was going to have to wait two years for that stuff so I was satisfied. 

 - On Valentine's Day the Spanish Ward had a party and invited us to come. Spanish parties > English Parties :):):)

Lowlights of the week:

Shot Calls came this week. Elder Moss is outie five thoutie. My new companion is going to be Elder Haycock from Arizona.  Never talked to him before, but he seems cool. Even though the change was anticipated it still stinks to have to chuck up the deuce to this companionship. All throughout high school I never talked to Elder Moss. I never even really knew he existed. Now in New York of all places we have become good friends. It makes me wonder how many friendships I missed out on if I only would have broken the stereotypes in high school and tried to make friends with more people. I love Elder Moss.  This transfer has flown by and I'm sad to see him go. 
We were uhhhhdrivin' through Harlem and came across this beaut!
Friday we had a Training meeting for this next transfers trainers. As always Elder Moss and I got to go because we have the hookups, and by hookups I mean we are work horses and President Morgan wants us there to help out with it. We walked in that morning before the meeting started to set up and the tile in the foyer of the church was dusted white from the salt that had been used to thaw the ice outside. President Morgan is very particular about how things look and are presented. He wasn't going to put up with this! 

With just ten minutes to go before people started arriving he had us and the assistants grab mops and mop the floor. To dry it in time he had us get heaps of paper towels, strap them to our feet and shuffle around the floor like we were ice skating. The whole time we were doing this I couldn't stop laughing because who does that? Haha we looked ridiculous, especially President Morgan. I have to say that President Morgan is the Michele Kwan of paper towel skating.  
Cleaning the floors like Chancho wears sweats

The meeting was really good. Honestly, I think I like the Trainers meeting more than I like the Mission Leadership Counsel meetings or any other meeting we do. The Trainers meeting gets me more excited about doing missionary work than just about anything else. At the beginning of the meeting President Morgan has each person stand and say something that they have learned/appreciated from their trainer.

Every time I talk about my trainer in this way I about cry. There aren't too many people that have helped me more out here than my trainer Elder Reynolds. Whenever I am asked what I appreciated most about my trainer I say the same thing every time. I am grateful for how he showed me he loved me. Elder Reynolds went through a lot of stress when he was training me. Even when his father died and he was worried about his mom back home he always gave me the attention and focus that I needed to thrive as a new missionary. Because of his example of how to show love I have become a better person. Elder Reynolds is going home this week. The coolest part of it all is that I will get to be the one to drop him off at the airport. He was there with me when I first started my mission and now I have the opportunity to be with him when he ends his. Cheers to good trainers!!

Elder Moss and I hold many titles within the mission. We are soccer moms, mailmen, work horses, but sometimes we are (un)professional movers. We have had multiple moves to do around the mission this last week, two of them fell on the same day. After we had spent the whole day moving stuff out of apartments, Elder Moss and I came home and we were pooped. We were far to lazy to make anything for dinner and so we decided to make a Micky D's run. Plus McDonald's has Shamrock shakes now, so like, why not? 

We were at McDonald's eating our sin when a man across the aisle made a comment about something. I can't even remember what it was. We started having small conversation with him. He told us how a couple guys from his church were going to be holding a little meeting/bible study at McDonald's and he was waiting for the guys from the church to come. We kept talking to the guy and as a few minutes pass a guy walks in and then another one and then another. 4 guys in all, as they were getting ready to start their meeting thang one of the guys invited Elder Moss and I to stay. Of course we stayed. Turns out the original guy that was there runs a non denominational ministry and they were having the equivalent of a bishopric meeting. 

The first part would have been boring if I wasn't interested in how these guys ran their meetings because they were just talking about upcoming things happening in the church. Then at the end there was a guy that gave a spiritual message about how we need to keep our bodies clean so we can be in tune with the spirit. He basically taught the word of wisdom to us. Elder Moss and I threw in our two cents, we talked a little Jesus, read a little Bible, you know the good stuff. Two of the men there actually had copies of the Book of Mormon back at home, the original guy that we started talking to has served missions too! He served three, one year missions when he was our age. He told us some of his mission stories from when he served in Minnesota. Crazy stuff man. We had to leave before the meeting was over but we thanked them for letting us attend the meeting. It was so good to come across good Christian people that are striving to actually LIVE what they believe. Sometimes I start to lose faith in humanity but experiences like this help keep that lil flame alive! 

Have a great week you lovely Deserets!

Elder Tyler J Johanson

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