Thursday, April 9, 2015

Back 2 da Bronx

----Shot Calls---- came on Saturday. It was super hard to focus the whole day knowing that I was going to be leaving. I was really hoping that I would be going to serve somewhere in Manhattan because I have been upstate for the last 10 months and I haven't had a chance to serve on the island yet.

I got the call a little earlier that day because President Morgan does the leadership calls first and he called to release me as district leader. 
Our Awesome District in New Rochelle
He asked if I would accept the call to serve as a zone leader with Elder Thompson in the Olmstead Zone. Olmstead is in the Bronx (don't look my area up on google, Mom.) It's very different from Manhattan but still the city. 
Elder Haycock Shipping me off to Olmsteezy
Dueces New Roc
I thought I got all of my Bronx jitters out at the beginning of the mission when I served in the Kingsbridge Zone but I guess not. Not only am I going back to the Bronx but I am staying in the Westchester Stake. After serving in Olmstead, I will have served in every single English Ward in the Westchester Stake. This Stake can't get rid of me, haha. Even though it's not Manhattan like I was hoping, I'm very excited to be in the Olmstead Zone. I've lost the language of Ebonics over time but I'm hoping that with the gift of tongues, I will quickly remember how to communicate with the people of the Bronx. 

It's always tough saying goodbye to people that you have come to love. New Rochelle has been great to me and I'm blessed to say that I had the opportunity to serve there. 
Some of our Incredible Investigators in New Rochelle
I'm blessed to have had the opportunity to serve in the office around President Morgan. Honestly, before I was serving in the office, I felt like I was starting to hit the point where I was just going through the motions of missionary work. All the "greenie fire" that I had at the beginning of my mission had fled me. My last companion before the office, who I love to death, was a little older in the mission, so we were both experienced but we both had the "newness" of being a missionary worn off of us. I was getting caught up in the routine of things. Being able to serve around President Morgan and see his passion and love for the work has been a sort of "spiritual rebirth" for me. I feel like my desire has increased. I'm very much looking forward to being able to have more time to proselyte and share the gospel of Jesus Christ. It's gonna be the cat’s pajamas. 

I don't have much time to write today because of transfers but I will write more next week. I can't believe Easter and general conference are here again! Time is flying by waaaaay to quick.

Love yall. 

Elder Tyler J Johanson

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