Friday, February 20, 2015

Pics or it didn't happen


I went on another split with my Zone Leader, Elder Critchfield. This guy is a stud. One of the best leaders I've served around by far. Basically all that we did that whole day on the split was mail deliveries down to the city! Which I love. Deliveries are the bomb diggity. You get your snacks, grab your friend (your companion) and drive around all day delivering mail to all your missionary friends around the mission. Being in the office is the greatest! On our way back to Westchester County we stopped off at Serendipity to get frozen hat chacalate. We heard about this place that sells frozen hot chocolate and Elder Chritchfish and I haaddd to go. We walked in the place and it looked a lot like a gay bar.... We felt weird in their for obvious reasons, it didn't help that we were wearing our mandatory man purses. We got in there, purchased the packages of frozen hot chocolate and got out of dodge! To top it all off we took pics in the van when we got back to the car. Pics or it didn't happen people! 
 Frozen Hat Chacalate with Elder Chritfish
 Best $7.50 I've ever spent. #ChumpChange
Monday we had district meeting. The other elders in the district were ill with the lupus or something like that so they didn't make it to district meeting. The sisters are the Sister Trainer Leaders and they were at a different district’s meeting. Our district meeting was just Elder Moss and I and our Zone Leader Elder Christensen, also from Highland. We had a Highlanders only district meeting. It was Gouda. 
Highlander's Unite
On Tuesday we do our upstate deliveries. For lunch we stopped off in small town Cornwall, New York and went to the best Pizza Place in New York that missionaries know of. Primas Pizza baby. They deliver pizza overnight to anywhere in the country, if you don't know now you know. Ate some pizza, took some pics, had some laughs, delivered mail. Good day. 
 I'm not going to be able to eat pizza when I go back to Utah
 Any NY pizza >>> any chain in Utah
Last Sunday Elder moss and I were... Uhhh... Going to church right? Just like we do some Sunday's, and by some Sunday's I mean every Sunday. #NoWeeksOff 
Satan doesn't take time off. Why should we??? Anyway we had just pulled up to the parking lot in our swagger wagon, the silver bullet, Sister Morgan's old van, whatever you want to call it. We got out of the car and there was a man walking through the parking lot. The New Roc chapel is on a main road and often people will cut through our parking lot to get to the neighborhood behind the church. I felt a prompting to invite this guy to church. At the time it just seemed like a thought so half jokingly I asked the guy how he was doing and then asked him if he wanted to join us for church. Elder Moss and I started to talk to him and he made mention that he had a son who lives in Arizona that "passes out the bread and water" or in Mormon lingo, a deacon. He said that he had been to our church in Arizona before and went in Jeans and a t shirt. He felt out of place so he said that he wouldn't join us this week but he said he would come sometime. He asked for OUR info, which never happens! Then we got his info. I don't know if anything cool will happen from this but to me there is no better feeling than getting a prompting from the Spirit, knowing its a prompting from the Spirit, and then acting on it in the way that you received it. Being able to feel of Gods approval of what you do in that moment is AMAZING! 

Love you guys,

Elder Tyler J Johanson

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