Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

*Doesn't know how to start the email*

*Jumps into email without a proper greeting*

This last week was a tough one because Elder Brown and I were sick with nasty colds. We were never confined to our home but there were
days that we had to come back a little early because neither of us could function properly. Elder Brown and I are very different people. As we have been sick, I have really been learning to love him. Last Saturday, we had to come home early because my body was spazzing out and I had a huge headache and couldn't breathe. As I was on the couch, about to take my last few breaths before I trespassed into the Spirit World, I saw from afar, Elder Brown serving me by making me chicken noodle soup. In that moment I was like, whoa, this is a good kid. As weird as it may seem, I am grateful for the plague that we've had this last week because I have realized a lot of good in Elder Brown that I haven't seen before, and that chicken noodle soup thing was just one experience.

Want to hear a story of me getting ripped off? After district meeting on Monday, all the missionaries went to the food court at the White Plains mall and got lunch. I was thinking, "Yo, imma save some money because I wanna be thrifty." So I went to Taco Bell because that’s cheap, right? Wrong. I ended up paying $8.50 for two crunch wrap supremes. #WestchesterCountyProbs

There is this girl in our ward that reminds me of Eunice from She's the Man.

Today, as a mission, we went to a Yankees game!!! It was ridiculously hot and humid and we had to squint to see the ball from the nosebleeds but it was the bomb diggity. Everybody here worships Derek Jeter. Go baseball! (Even though I serve in New York and went to a Yankees game, can someone please tell Grandpa Wood not to worry? I haven't been converted to a Yankees fan quite yet). 
Gorgeous piece o real estate.

My words of advice for you today are to be humble and teachable. This last week, we went over to an investigator’s house that we are trying to help get off of cigarettes. He was smoking a pack a day and now he is down to a few every couple of days. This guy is in his 50s and doesn't have much education, he has no job and used to be an alcoholic. We have invited him to read The Book of Mormon every time he gets tempted to smoke and he has been doing so. He read Lehi's dream in 1 Nephi and was able to understand everything and told us about everything he learned from it which was quite a lot. I was surprised that he picked up on it because I have read over Lehi's dream with a philosopher, with a really rich retired guy that reads a lot, and a man that was an English college professor for 25 years and none of those guys understood how they could apply Lehi's dream to themselves. Yet this guy who never went to college and who has no job can get his spiritual glass of water spilling over. It is because he is teachable and willing to learn. There is a reason that God first came to Joseph Smith as a young, teachable 14 year old kid and didn't appear to an old, knowledgeable pastor that knew "everything". #BeHumble

I will try to do a better email next week.

Bye guys.

-Elder Tyler "How bout them Yankees" Johanson

A cool hallway thing with banners of boys in baseball pants.

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