Thursday, July 10, 2014

Forth of Jew-lie


My 4th of July was aight. It was a regular day. We had no appointments or anything, everybody in Scarsdale goes to their beach house our wherever for the summer so it's kind of slower than before. Also, it was pouring rain all day. Since no missionaries had appointments, we got together and had a BBQ. It was a really, really ok 4th. The best part was that Elder Gleason, Elder Smith, Elder Brown and I took some selfies with some festive mustaches that I received in a package (S/O to Alex Fairchild for supplying).

Happy 4th of July from the missionaries that live at The Avalon (me, Elder Brown, Elder Smith, Elder Gleason).

I'm not gonna lie, not too many crazy notable things happened so I am just going to name the 3 best:

3. We saw an Amish man walking 6 dogs in the pouring East Coast rain.

2. There are fireflies here that come out at night. They are legit. I can see why Owl City wrote a song about em.

1. We saw an old man on one of those electric wheelchairs riding on the streets like it was street legal.

The old man riding thru da streetz

Tuesday we had a district APF (stands for Area Proselyting Focus. It's when all of the missionaries in the district focus on one companionship’s area, then we go out and get work done for that companionship.) I was on a split for the APF with Elder Schoenfeld who is a really quiet, gentle man. He has a powerful testimony tho... We went tracting for a couple hours in the blazingly muggy weather. I haven't had to do too much tracting thus far on my mission, so for some reason I was extremely pumped to go out there for a couple hours and do missionary work the old fashioned way. First door we knocked this old lady cracked the door open, poked her head out and yelled, "go away, I'm naked!" Elder Schoenfeld and I looked at each other and "peaced out" on that sitcheeashun pretty quick. Then all the other doors we knocked on nobody really cared. After being out there for 2 hours, both Elder Schoenfeld and myself were dripping sweat, we looked worse than Tom Hanks so I can see why nobody was letting us into their home. In my mind, I kind of jokingly asked God to have someone offer us some water even if they didn't accept our message. Sure enough, 4 houses later, a nice Roman Catholic lady named Janet Fitzpatrick who didn't care about our message whatsoever, offered us some water bottles. The water was Celestial. Even though she didn't care about our message, God answered my prayer (even if it wasn't a super serious one) through this woman. I bet God is a funny guy but at the same time when you need something, no matter how big or small, he doesn't joke.

Hugs and lubbs

-Elder Tyler "My Heart Will Go On" Johanson

Elder Smith and I acting tough

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