Thursday, February 27, 2014

Missionary Life in the Bronx

This week was nuts. Or as a missionary in the Bronx would say, a regular week.

Elder Reynolds’ dad passed away this last week. He was healthy then out of nowhere he died. It's been very hard on him. It's emotionally draining for everyone involved. But he is remaining strong and faithful. One of the things keeping him going is he was able to teach his parents the gospel over Skype and they were baptized just 3 weeks ago. It's a cool example of how technology is helping in missionary work.

Elder Reynolds was gone most of the week because he was able to fly back to Arizona to go to his dad's funeral. With Elder Reynolds gone I was in a trio with Elder Davidson and Elder Kiyama, the zone leaders. They are great missionaries! I was able to get more experience teaching actual full on lessons. That was cool because usually Elder Reynolds and I get juked out of lessons by our "investigators" if that's what you wanna call them. We taught a family, the Antwines. The husband is a former WWE wrestler but ended up quitting because he wanted to be home with his family. His family is super nice, they have 6 people living in a 1 bedroom apartment and are very humble. They told us how they were trying to move. He asked me about Utah and I told him about the mountains and fishing and Mormons. I told him about the Timpanogos Caves and I think that's what hooked him on the idea of Utah because he really wants to move out there now! He even said he wanted to live in an RV up American Fork canyon!! #Swag

We taught their family about repentance and they received it super well. They all said that they felt that the lesson we taught was exactly what they needed. It's cool what can be taught/received when the spirit is present.

We had zone conference yesterday. Which means President Morgan spoke to us. He is the greatest! Every time he speaks my mind is spiritually blown. A cool point he made yesterday was how we need to be fully involved as missionaries in missionary work. He said, "one foot in one foot out leaves the heart and mind full of doubt." I think that quote can apply to anybody. We should be fully immersed in whatever we are doing or else we will blow the opportunity because we didn't put everything we have into it.

Soooo Saturday was Radink-to the-hinkulous! We had 2 baptisms scheduled (one of them was Doreatha, the lady with the sketchy gang related background) the baptisms were scheduled for 4 o clock. At 2:30 we get a call from the sisters saying that the water to the baptismal font wasn't working. We rushed to the church and sure enough it was basically slowly coming out of the faucet. Eventually we got the water to come but it was as cold as the hearts of men, which is basically freeeezing. So we were like, "should we just have a cold baptism?" Then the sisters were all, "we would but Miriam (the other lady getting baptized) has this asthma condition thing where if she gets too cold she STOPS BREATHING. So we freaked out and immediately starting collecting buckets/pitchers/pots and went to every sink in the building got hot water from the faucet and started to fill up the font that way. We were boiling water in pots in the kitchen and stuff. It was super duper nuts. We finished right at 4 and it was warm enough. It was a miracle. A stressful miracle but still a miracle.

Elder Tyler J Johanson

P.S. If you would all keep Elder Reynolds in your prayers that would be wonderful.

Sights on the Subway

Filling up the font the hard/hipster way.

Filling up the font. #BathroomMirrorSelfie

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