Friday, January 31, 2014

Week 2

Howdy!! This week has been good. Currently living the life as a missionary in the MTC. You know, just your typical week.
First off, holy cow!!! Did something happen to Justin Bieber??? Some of the new elders coming in this week have been talking about how he got arrested or something.. Could someone please confirm or deny these reports?
Second off, as Zone Leader I was able to welcome the new Elders coming into our zone. One of the new Elders is named Elder Shoaf, he is from Indiana and plays Left Tackle for the BYU football team. He was redshirted this year but should start when he gets back. He got recruited by teams like Oregon, Notre Dame, and Ohio State so he is legit. And huge. And kind of scary. But he hasn't picked me up and dropped me yet so thats good. I think it is only because I hold authority over him as Zone Leader but when I get released this Sunday there is no saying what could happen. I hope I am around to email you next week.. 
Last Sunday we went on a temple walk with our zone and Elder Kenney aka Chris Farley aka the funniest guy in the MTC was walking around pretending he was a blind man. Tripping over curbs and running into trees. I had the task of escorting him around and being his guide. The looks we were getting from other missionaries was priceless. All the studying and learning is great and all but it is fun to relax and laugh every once in a while.

Have you guys seen "The District"? The movies that the church puts out that follows missionaries around? It has become my favorite reality show. Elder Christensen one of the Elders in it (he is the equivalent of Jef Holm in fame among the missionaries) came and taught a class here at the MTC. Everybody was fangirling over him. I went up after the class and thanked him then I went and shook his hand. 
My testimony is increasing like nobody's business. I know I am here learning so I can teach other people but personally I am growing so much. I just want to testify that I know God is always there for us. Sometimes it doesn't always seem like it but I know he is constantly looking out for us. The more we are open to having him in our lives the more we can feel of his love. I am more sure of that now then ever in my life. 

I want to thank everybody for the prayers. I know people are praying for me because I can feel them. I know I can't even talk because I am still in the MTC but missions are hard and the comfort that I am getting is great. Well I would sit here and email all day but the Lord needs me. Adios!

"Selfie next to the drinking fountain with some of the elders in my district."

"Elder Kenney pretending to be blind so he probably didn't even know I was standing next to him."

 Tyler and his companion, Elder Long.

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