Friday, January 24, 2014

Week 1

The first three days at Hogwarts have been good. Did I say Hogwarts? I really mean the MTC. It still hasn't hit me yet that I am a missionary. The MTC just feels like a really intense version of EFY. I am sure it will hit me soon enough and then I will flip out but for now I am good.

My companion is Elder Long from Aurora, Colorado. He is a good guy, he plays video games and the drums. We get a long pretty well and as far as expectations we have for our mission we are on the same level. There is only one other companionship in my district but its a threesome because one of the other Elders never showed up. The other Elders in my district are Elder Kenney, he is a hilarious guy, he reminds me of Chris Farley. Not kidding I would not be surprised if he told me they were related.  Then there's Elder Gray, he is a nice guy. More serious, he is the 3 time 5A undefeated state champion for debate. He acts like a debater.... good kid. Then finally there is Elder Smith, he likes to translate songs from Japanese to English for fun....... also a good kid. The funny thing about the MTC is that I would never hang out with these people outside of here but while we are here its fun to get to know other people.

So there's a rumor here that the Orange Juice in the cafeteria gives you "problems". It's a well known thing around here. All the missionaries know not to drink it.So of course the first thing I do at dinner on the first night is go up and get me a glass of OJ. Everybody was flipping out, they couldn't believe I would be so bold. But I downed it and nothing happened. I am completely fine right now and have been.

The beds here are tight. Super hard. The pillows. Super hard, I have just been tossing the pillow aside when I sleep and lay on my huge swole bicep because it is much more comfortable. Also the sheets I got for my bed have a huuuuge blood stain on em. I feel like I am sleeping in a civil war hospital. But its cool I am becoming tougher.... and contracting aids.

Last night we met with the Branch President and we had interviews. He called me as Zone Leader!!! I am excited for the opportunity but I was kind of shocked. I am the youngest missionary in the zone so I feel a little strange "leading" people who are older. There are 4 districts in a zone and 6 people in a district so I will be over about 24 missionaries.

The MTC is great so far. It seems like I have been here for a week or so. The days are so long but I learn so much everyday. My testimony is being reinforced and I am getting more excited about serving in the field.

Until probably next week, love you all!

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