Friday, January 23, 2015

New Year, New Responsibility

Happy New Year Everybodys! 

I apologize in advance for the shortness of this letter. I don't have much time because of an interesting situation that I am in. 

This last week has been sooooo great. Christmas was unreal! I would say that it was the happiest day of my mission thus far. I'm so blessed. I was able to share it with a companion I love and a district that I have become good friends with. I wish I could have frozen that day in time before it disappeared. If every day were that happy they would have to call it the Celestial Kingdom.

With transfers next week, I was getting geared up to have another great transfer in Middletown with Elder Torgersen. On New Years Eve we were sitting in a lesson when we get a phone call... It was from President Morgan. They usually do training calls on Wednesdays so we thought one of us was getting the call to train again (we have both trained before). Elder Torgersen gave the phone to me and uttered the words, "President Morgan wants to chat." A pit started immediately growing in my stomach. I answered the phone and at first President Morgan was making small talk asking about how my Christmas was and everything. I was dying inside because I knew there was a better reason he was calling, he didn't just hit me up to talk about how skype went with my family. Then he told me that one of the office Elders is returning home and he wanted me to take his place in the office. I was so shocked, I didn't see this coming. He told me that I needed to pack up everything and be at the mission home in Scarsdale by 4 pm the next day. Before I could realize what was actually happening, I told him I would do it.

 Now I'm depressed because I have to leave a ward I love without telling anybody goodbye. I have to chuck up the deuce to one of the best companions ever and a wonderful district. It's been hard to leave. 
Middletown - Home of the Brave
As I write this email I am in the car on my way down to the mission home. I'm so nervous, a lot sad, and a little bit excited. It will be a good time. I get to go back to the Westchester zone aka Bestchester (the zone I just came from 2 transfers ago). I will get to serve in New Rochelle which is an awesome area and I will be companions with Elder Peyton Moss who also attended Lone Peak High School with me. All those years we went to high school together I didn't really know him that well.  I'm glad that I have the opportunity to get to know him at this time in New York of all places. 

My duties will consist of pretty much being a UPS guy for the mission, a taxi driver for other missionaries, and President Morgan’s runner. It’s gonna be the cats pajamas. 

Again I apologize for the shortness of the letter but right now I've got to go get things ready for a group of 20 missionaries who are leaving tomorrow. What happened to P-Day??

Deuces friends and family.
Deuces Middletown.

Elder Tyler J Johanson

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