Thursday, December 4, 2014

Kony 2012

Howdy errybody,

On Saturday we had Shot Calls, where we find out what is happening with transfers. I was fully prepared to go another transfer with Elder Judd considering I had just gotten in Middletown and also, this area has a history of people coming here and staying for a while. However, life seems to have a funny way of flipping upside down just when you think everything is going Gucci. Elder Judd has been transferred to South Manhattan :( when I heard the news I wanted to weep. Elder Judd has become one of my best friends in the mission. These last seven weeks have been some of the best of my mission. He will do great in South Man, I'm jealous that he will be serving there during Christmas and New Years Eve. 

Today it has been snowing heaps on heaps on heaps. On the way to transfer meeting it was hilarious to see Elder Judd flipping out at how much snow there was (he's from Arizona). The roads are a mess but we made it safe. It's nothing compared to Buffalo. Have y’all heard about Buffalo??? Apparently they got 8 ft. of snow in just two days. Hopefully it won't be that bad. 

My new companion is named Elder Torgerson from Escalante, Utah. On the slow moving drive we had back from Ossining to Middletown we had some good conversation. He seems like the cats pajamas so far. We have been called to serve as duo District Leaders. Some missions might have two district leaders in a district but here in this mission we only have one. For whatever reason they have asked us to both be district leaders. It's an interesting change but I'm sure that it will be sick.

At the transfer meeting today President Morgan introduced a new initiative that the church is doing and specifically focusing on New York. The initiative is "He is The Gift" for Christmas. The video is legit! It's a “Because of Him” type video. The video is being fully dropped the day after Thanksgiving. The church has made a video, website, they have bought the main add on YouTube on December 7th and have purchased a spot for advertising on a screen in Times Square. It is going to be a great way to introduce/remind people about Jesus during the holidays. It's the equivalent of Kony 2012! Hold on to your britches folks!!

Sorry my email is short this week. With transfers/the snow delay we don't have much time to email. I love you and hope that you have a happy Thanksgiving!

Elder Tyler J Johanson

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