Saturday, October 11, 2014

All Fancy Like

K. Hi. 

Elder Burton and I do volunteer work at the community center and feed old people food. Towards the end of lunch, Elder Burton and I were walking around the floor scouting out old people that were finished with their food so we could take their trays. There was this one geezer who looked at me and beckoned me to come closer, so I did. When I walked up to him he didn't say a word but proceeded to scroll on his iPhone, obviously looking for a certain picture. After about 30 seconds of silence, and me questioning to myself why I was standing there, he showed me a picture of him and Eli Manning. This guy loves New York Giants football. We talked about Giants football for a couple minutes then he went silent and started to scroll on his iPhone again. He showed me a picture of the chubby guy on SNL. Turns out the chubby guy is Billy Manahan from Saturday Night Live. Billy Manahan just so happens to be that guys son! Because his son is a hilarious guy with tons of hookups, he has gotten his dad a ton of crazy cool hookups. Nice guy.

A picture of Tyler's zone

Last Friday we were doing a Zone APF for General conference. I was with one of my best friends in the mission/roommate for the last 4 1/2 months, Elder Smith. We were strutting through the streets when this friendly guy starts talking to us on the corner. He told us that he was selling cologne and wondered if we wanted any. He asked us if we wanted free samples and we both said, "Sure dood. Spray us up real fancy like." Little did we know, he was going to spray our bodies with every cologne he had. He sprayed us multiple times with multiple different colognes. Elder Smith and I thanked him and walked off as we tried to keep from getting headaches from breathing the fumes. We both felt pretty foolish walking past the "rough" parts of White Plains smelling like a couple of fruity Clay Aikens so we decided that we would knock a couple doors. As we knocked doors something magical happened. We talked to 4 people on that street. The first guy was ticked off at us for even coming to his door, not too different than usual. The second and third were interested and said that we could come back! The last guy let us teach him the whole restoration. Of all the doors I've ever knocked I have never had a single soul ever tell us we could come back and we were blessed to find two next door to each other. The cologne worked!!!

Last Saturday was what we call "shock calls" where we find out who is getting transferred. I got the call. I'm being transferred upstate a little bit more to Middletown, New York. I don't know much about Middletown other than it is further away from the city. I have heard great things about it though. My new companion is Elder Judd. Elder Burton, who I just finished training, was companions with Elder Judd in the MTC. It was a hard week saying bye to everybody I've come to love but I guess if your heart doesn't hurt you aren't loving hard. It's hard stuff to chuck up the deuce.

President and Sister Morgan had the Westchester zone over for waffles in between general conference sessions. #NumNums

Soooooo how bout that General conference this last weekend? I wish I could sit here and type up this huge long paragraph about all the talks that I loved so much from general conference but honestly they all blended into one, huge, 10 hour session of inspiration from the Spirit so I don't remember too many specifics but I'm excited to download them all on my iPad and watch them again.  

Elder Tyler J Johanson

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