Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Flat Tires and Pinterest Fires


This last week was an adventure here in my new area. I am not going to lie, I miss the Bronx desperately. I never thought I would miss it when I first arrived but it grew on me. This new area of Scarsdale feels like a completely different mission. 

During transfers last week something happened with my bags when they got transferred from the city to upstate and they couldn't find my bags anywhere. I had to live with nothing but the clothes on my back, feasting on nothing but the words of Christ, for two days until they tracked those bad boys down. I had no toothbrush, no deodorant, "our pet’s heads were falling off!!!"(Name that movie). I'm just being dramatic, it wasn't even that bad. I just bought some stuff at the store and called it good. 

My new companion is Elder Brown. He has been out for 6 weeks so I am finishing off his training. It's interesting because I am newer and I feel like I don't know a lot sometimes, but yet he looks to me to know what to do. It's been hard because he is still new and doesn't know what's going on a lot of the time but he doesn't want to admit he doesn't know, and it's not like I know to correct him, so even though we both don't know, we continue on and go with the flow, ya know? 

Thursday night we was a-driven in our car. I'm not saying Elder Brown is a bad driver but… we were making a simple right hand turn, with absolutely no cars in sight and he took it too sharp, drove up on the curb and punctured our tire. We got a flat, ladies and gentleman. I didn't know whether to laugh or to shake my head... So instead we just did both together. Luckily, from experiences from my past, we were able to fix our flat. It was a good memory we made. Skkkrrrrrtttt #Swerve

Tire Change Selfie!!

Scarsdale is super rich. They've got that cash money flow. But seriously, it's like the Alpine of Alpines #MoneyInTheBank . We went to a member’s house for dinner and they live in what looks like a massive cottage. On the inside everything from the furniture to paint is perfect. Even what they fed us for dinner was perfectly laid out on pretty porcelain plates and they had freshly squeezed lemonade which I DRANK out of a fancy goblet thing. It was almost as if I was living in Pinterest. 

We are teaching a man that lives in the Ritz Carlton. It the cats pajamas.

Faith is how Jesus Christ was able to perform miracles here on Earth. We can exercise that same faith. There is two parts to faith, the first is that belief that everyone talks about but the second is work. Faith without works is dead people. In the Book of Mormon when it talks about Nephi building the ship, it didn't say, "And I Nephi exhorted my faith and God plopped a pre made ship down in the waters for us to sail safely across the ocean to the promised land." No, he didn't say that. 

In 1 Nephi 18:1 it says, "And it came to pass that they did worship the Lord, and did go forth with me; and we did work timbers of curious workmanship. And the Lord did show me from time to time after what manner I should work the timbers of the ship."

It talks about how The Lord showed Nephi from time to time how to build the ship, but guess what Nephi was doing in between those times? He was working, as should we. It is not enough to just want something to happen. We must pray like it's up to God but work like it's up to us.  

If you skipped over all the spiritual stuff and didn't actually read it, like I sometimes do in other peoples letters, please go back and read it. 

Loves and Lollipops,

-Elder Tyler J Johanson

Final picture with my boy Elder Schneider

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