Thursday, May 22, 2014

Never a Dull Moment

Oh hey there,

So I'm just going to hop right in to the juicy details this last week since that is all that anybody cares about anyways.

This last week we were walking home at night back to our crib when all of a sudden this guy yells, "hey, Mormons!" I thought he was going to heckle us because that's what usually happens… Turns out he just moved from Ohio and was being taught by the missionaries back there. We scheduled a time to meet with him. When we went and taught him, we found out he had basically been taught very thing and wanted to be baptized. We extended an invitation for baptism for May 24th aka this Saturday! He was pumped about it. We had to do a baptismal interview with President Morgan because back in his college days some stuff went down.. He was really nervous about his interview but he was given the "ok" by president and he is getting baptized this Saturday!!! We take very little credit for this baptism. Those missionaries in Ohioprepared him well!

We got passed an investigator from the sisters named Benny. When we went into his house I saw that he had an album by "The Fugees". I made a comment on that album saying how I loved certain songs and he got really happy and excited and told me how he used to be a video manager for them. He went on to say how he has worked with a bunch of famous people like Biggie Smalls, Tupac Shakur, Bruce Willis, Spike Lee and many, many others. Apparently at one point he was living "the good life". I hope we can give him the actual good life when we share with him The Gospel of Jesus Christ!

I received my first death threat this last week. Some lady said she was going to tie us up and throw us out the window of her 5 story apartment. It was almost kind of funny because she wasn't an intimidating lady at all. (Don't worry Mom, it wasn't as scary as you're probably thinking.)

Unfortunately Brother Antwine (WWE wrestler) aka "Phoenix" is moving out of our ward. :( :( :( He is going to move to Houston and get back on the WWE tour. We went and helped him move. It was kind of cool being able to carry out boxes of metal baseball bats and leg braces that he has used during matches. He will be missed.

I am doing really great out here in The Bronx! I hope you're doing well wherever you are. Always remember to keep improving. It may sound cliché but there is always room to improve. The best improvement comes through Jesus Christ. Find ways to improve physically, mentally, and especially spiritually. Why settle for being average when you can be one of God’s choice children?

Loves and lollipops-Elder Tyler Johanson

This is Elder Kia. He is pointing at some girl's ratchet weave that blew away and got caught in a telephone pole.

A closer view of what we, in the Bronx call a Tumbleweave.

Another Selfie with Elder Schneider.

These are the people I have the privilege of working with. This man's name is Cisco.

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