Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Faith, Fun and Miracles

Konnichiwa from The NYC,

Wanna hear how my week went? Of course you do, or else you wouldn't be reading this letter about how my week went. This last week was full of faith, fun, and miracles!!!

It all started out with the Jehovah's Witnesses knocking on our apartment door early one morning.  Elder Kia answered the door and
because he was getting ready to go help someone move, he was in regular people clothes. They talked to him like a regular person. I could hear the whole conversation, as the front door is right by my study room. As Elder Kia was talking to them, he silently beckoned me over (I was in proselyting clothes with my name tag and all). I came into their view and they got all hesitant and weirded out. They didn't know they were talking to LDS missionaries hehe. Their door approach was sub-par but they were nice people so we politely told ‘em that we respect what they're doing because we know how hard it is ‘n stuff. They smiled back and said, "you too" it seemed kinda fake but you gotta love those J-Dubs.

Elder Schneider is the District Leader so he had a mission leadership meeting this last week. I was able to go on a split with Elder Meek who is a Spanish missionary. Since I went into his area, that meant I was able to be a "Spanish missionary" the whole day. We had a couple of appointments that we went to. Thanks to two years of Spanish in junior high, I could understand a little bit here and there. However, also thanks to two years of junior high Spanish, I could barely speak a word. The day consisted of me nodding my head and saying "Si" over and over again. The amount of times I said, "Si" is prolly up in the huneds.

Saturday we were able to baptize Steve!! He is the guy that moved from Ohio who had met with missionaries before and been taught everything. What makes this baptism even cooler is the fact that for the month of May our mission had a goal of 100 baptisms. Elder Schneider and I really wanted to contribute to the goal, however, with our teaching pool and the people we were currently working with at the beginning of the month, we didn’t know if they could possibly be baptized in less than a month. Elder Schneider and I had been praying for a miracle all month. Is it a coincidence that we met Steve, who was all ready to be baptized, randomly on the street? I think not!

The day Steve got baptized.

Saturday night we had an appointment with a blind investigator that we have. He lives up in Riverdale where all the Jews live. It is actually the sister’s area but they passed him to us. We enjoy going up there because it reminds us a little of home. As we came out of our investigator’s house, we were walking to the bus stop and we heard, "ELDERS!" coming from a car on the side of the street. We went over and started talking to the three women in the car and found out that they were members. Two of them were from Cottonwood, Utah. They were on a road trip and gave us all the food in their car and then gave Elder Schneider and me each twenty bucks. We tried pretending like we didn't want it (even though we did) or need it (even though we kind of did). It was a huge blessing. Food is very expensive in the city so we were both out of money for the month. Could I have found ways to save my money better throughout the month like not eating New York pizza or blowing money on HONEY BUNS? Yes. Yes I probably could have. My point is that we were in desperate need of some flow and God watched out for us. We don't need to live off of cheese and crackers people, when we have the restored gospel.

When you're doing what God wants you to, He will provide. It is literally that simple.

I Love you all like obesity loves a combination of Taco Bell and Pizza Hut.

-Elder Tyler Johanson

*Simba talking to Mufasa*
Simba: Dad, what's that green stuff?
Mufasa: I don't know son, we are from the Bronx.

It's a problem here.

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