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Fresh Courage Take

Wed, Sept 9, 2015           


Being a missionary is the cats pajamas. Y'all should know that.

Random stuff:
Shot Calls are coming up this Saturday. Possible changes coming. Or not. Who knows? God knows. 
My beautiful home for the last 6 months
 The mission just barely started to do a 100 day Book of Mormon read. I was in Ether...... Almost done. How could they do this to me? Ahhhhh. Jk. I'm excited to read the Book of Mormon again. 

We had MLC (mission leadership council) good times. I would put some of the stuff I learned but to adequately describe the stuff I learned it would take way to long for me to type it out. Sooo if you really want to know you can ask me when I get home.
With my homeboy, Elder Nagel at MLC
It's been hard work wise lately. We called some of our investigators to schedule an appointment and instead of saying that they were good to meet they told us that they are now homeless and living on the street. We went to the park that they said they were sleeping in but we couldn't find their park bench. It would have been nice if the park benches had addresses. It breaks my heart to hear stuff like this though. Seriously. I always thought bad stuff like this happened in the movies but when terrible things happen to those that you have come to love it is really hard. 

Experience time:
Elder Wallace and I were walking out of the church after a lesson and this hombre came riding up on his bike. He was wearing a fedora. Without saying anything he asked us right off the bat when church started. We told him the time and he told us that he wanted to check it out. He said that his whole life he had judged our church because he gave into a bunch of the rumors that float around about us. He went to the library and was able to check out the dvd "Meet The Mormons" he watched it and said that his whole perspective on our church changed. He felt bad for judging us all these years and wanted to give us a chance by attending our services.

The coolest part is that on Sunday he came! He even got up to share his testimony. It's always scary here when somebody that you don't know too well gets up to share their testimony because there is no guessing what is going to come out of their mouth. When he got up he shared a great testimony of how his perspective on our church changed and how he loved it so much and was going to come back. This guy is solid!

Elder Wallace and I were strolling down the street on the way from the church to our pad. There was a man walking the same direction to our right. As we began to pass him he turned over to us and out of the bleu cheese he asked us what our beliefs were. His name is Highness.... Yeah you read that right. He said that he lives across the street from our church and always sees missionaries coming and going, but he has never talked to them. We ended up having a lengthy conversation with him. We told him about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. It was a weird conversation because there was moments were it seemed like he wanted to bash with us, and then there was other moments where I wish we could have stayed and talked to him all day. I attribute that to his strong faith he has already built in Jesus Christ from his interpretations of the bible.

At the end of the conversation when we had to get going he said,"I have a question. Every time I walk by you missionaries I feel the Holy Spirit. For whatever reason I have never had the courage to talk to you. I can tell God really wants me to talk to you. I just want to know, if the spirit has been urging me to talk to you so many times, if it's that important, why has no missionary ever felt that same urge and stopped me?"

His question changed the way I view missionary work. It made me wonder how many times missionaries have walked past him and the Spirit has been prompting both the missionaries and Highness to talk to each other, but for whatever reason it never happened. How many times do you think that happens in our lives? Probably a lot. If you ever get a prompting from the Spirit don't delay it because you think it might be weird because the other person could very well be feeling the same thing. Don't be afraid, take courage. 

Love you!

Elder Tyler Johanson

Seems legit.

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