Thursday, August 14, 2014

Week 29

To all my friends in the place with style and grace,

We dropped by an investigator's house and his American Flag kept whipping me upside the head so I just decided to take a selfie of it, obvi. #Merica

The craziest thing that happened while we were meeting with our investigator Doug. Doug is one of my favorite people to meet with. He became an alcoholic at the age of 12 and started smoking a pack of cigarettes a day shortly after that. He was able to stop drinking in his late 30's but still struggles with smoking (he's 55). His main problems are his addiction and he won't come to church because his mom helps him out a lot financially and his mom is anti Mormon. We have been focusing with him on his addiction and he relapses all the time, but he is making progress little by little. When we went over, he was having some problems with dizziness. Apparently, he suffers from vertigo... We know that now. We sat down to pray and halfway through my prayer I hear Doug talking on the phone, he had dialed 911 and called an ambulance right in the middle of our prayer! We waited with him until the paramedics arrived and made sure he was ok. He is fine now but it was Kuh-Ray-Z in the moment. Turns out he has vertigo and he thought he was gonna die for a minute but we are good now.                      
Elder Burton and I were uh-driving in our car and we drove by a former investigators house that we have never met with before but I recognized the house so we stopped off and decided to go see if we could stir up his heart. He answered the door and said he was busy and couldn't meet with us but then we (I really mean The Spirit) convinced him to give us 15 minutes to talk to him. The conversation turned to The Atonement and how he feels he needs to repent. As we were talking about repentance, out of nowhere he stops us and asks about baptism and what he needs to do to be baptized and if we can baptize him. I was at a loss of words and so was Elder Burton, for I have never had anybody be the first one to bring up baptism. We told him, "we can fix that". We extended a baptismal date to him for August 30th which he accepted! We told him that if baptism was something he really wanted that he would have to keep certain commitments like come to church and if he wanted to be baptized that quickly he would have to come every Sunday up until his baptism... He committed to do it! He didn't end up coming to church so we will have to push his date back a tad..... But we talked to him and he still wants to be baptized! We will play it by ear and I'll give ya the detes as they come.
I am really starting to love being a trainer/district leader. My companion, Elder Burton, is a great guy. His desire to serve The Lord is the cats pajamas. My companion is great and my district is just as cool. There are eight of us here, 4 sisters and 4 Elders. There is a companionship of each in Scarsdale and Yonkers. My favorite part of being district leader is being able to have stronger relationships with everybody I serve around. I give them a call every night and make sure they're home safe and then I ask them how their day was so I get to hear all the awesome miracles we encounter every day.
I wish I could add more to this email but I forgot a lot... Sorry. I will repent and try to do better next week.

K. Bye.

-Elder Jyler Tohanson

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